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Creative Director & Manager: Erica 

From photography, to marketing, to vintage fashion - this girl knows it all. Her passion is taking wonderful & loved items and creating an opportunity for them to find equal parts love in their new home. Erica is known to be loved by all & just so happens to be mightily talented. She loves your grandma's vintage Pyrex as much as she did & will be sure to make your estate sale experience as smooth, warm, & cheery as humanly possible. In her free time, Erica can be found at the climbing gym, roller skating liberty park in fun outfits, or reading a book & sipping on a yummy americano at one of her favorite coffee shops.


Lead Staging & Research Specialist: Lynn 

There couldn't be a more positive, fun, and problem solving person to help with your estate sale needs. Lynn is a true artist herself and enjoys helping design and strategize ways to maximize your sale proceeds. She is a world class water color artist specializing in animals, people, landscape (well... truly ALL things - she's just too humble to admit it). She enjoys spending time with her family, experiencing the world from her VW Eurovan, volunteering, playing piano, working in her yard, and so much more. Her largest "collection" includes multiple antique phones and pharmacy items. If you ever need a personalized painting for a loved one, don't hesitate to ask!

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